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Transferring your domain is like moving house, well almost ..

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Unlock Domain

Unlock the domain at the current Registrar so that it becomes available for transfer. Take the EPP.

Notify Registrar

Send a notification to the current registrar that the domain will be transferred.


Enter the EPP and initiate the domain transfer.

Transfer Domain


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to transfer my domain to you for using your hosting?

No. You can stay with your current host and still use our hosting. All that you will need to do is update the nameservers with ours.

How many days does it take to transfer the domain?

Depending on the process and interaction between the two registrars, the domain transfer may take anywhere from 1 hours to a couple of days.

Does the Website experience a downtime during domain transfer?

No. The domain transfer is seamless and there is no impact on Website availability.

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