Art House Cinema


Dedicated to the beautiful form of art called Cinema, Art House Cinema is a project to bring the Parallel, Avant-Garde, New Wave, Art, Odessa Collective, Middle Path and every other genre of films and film makers who went another step farther from being mere entertainers. This is a tribute and an effort to introduce the current generation to the wonders of Indian Cinema.

The Challenge

Provide a robust hosting solution to the Art House Cinema blog, with more than 99% uptime and loading speed under 5 seconds.




Performance Tuning

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

We Migrated the Blog to a Robust Hosting

Performance Tuning Did the Rest

  • Uptime 99.8% 99.8%
  • Website Traffic 25% 25%
  • Website Speed 30% 30%
  • Email Subscribers 25% 25%

The Results Were Encouraging

The uptime increased to 99.8%, and the website speed came down below 3 seconds. This increased the search engine rankings and website traffic.

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