The Mutinous Indian

The Mutinous Indian


The Mutinous Indian is a platform of like minded individuals who care about what happens to our country and the world and are very expressive about it. It takes the right to freedom of expression very seriously and is equally committed towards responsible expression.

The Challenge

Provide affordable and robust hosting solution to the Mutinous Indian blog, with at least 99% uptime and loading speed under 5 seconds. Create a minimalistic design which gives a feel of old newspapers. Keep jquery conflicts to minimum and protect against hacking attempts.

We Migrated the Blog to our Robust Hosting

Kept the design minimalistic and simple

  • Uptime 99.8% 99.8%
  • Website Speed 30% 30%

Optimized and Simple

The uptime increased to 99.8%, and the website speed came down below 3 seconds. This increased the search engine rankings and website traffic.

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